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Watch Twin Turbo, an ass-kicking short film from Legends Of Tomorrow’s Caity Lotz

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Have 8-and-a-half minutes and an internet connection? (You almost certainly have both of those things, given, well, everything.) If you do, then you have all you need to watch a short film written and directed by Caity Lotz, an actor best known for her work on Mad Men and in The CW’s Arrowverse, particularly our beloved DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow.

Twin Turbo stars Dominique Domingo and Lotz’s Legends co-star Maisie Richardson-Sellers. In news that will surprise no one familiar with Lotz’s particular skill set, it includes much ass-kicking.


Lotz shared the film on Twitter earlier this week, also making it available for free download through Vimeo:

The action is pretty great, especially for a new director; that affinity for capturing fight sequences with clarity and creativity was also on display for her TV directing debut, a John Woo-influenced Legends winningly titled “Mortal Khanbat.” Yes, there are doves.

Not every actor makes a great director, but it seems like Lotz’s considerable skill as a stunt performer translates pretty well to her work behind the camera. And considerable is the appropriate word. Lotz’s character, Sara Lance/White Canary, was created for the Arrowverse, and her extremely twisty backstory includes being resurrected in a Lazarus pit, some bouts of murderous bloodlust, time training with a group of supernaturally elite assassins, loads of time travel, and at least one instance of kicking her own ass:

Anyway, it’s short, fun, and includes some very cool kicks and stuff. Worth your time.


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