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Two skinny legends. One “brunch.” As Trixie Mattel puts it near the end of this 12-minute video, “You don’t know how many gay men would have slit my throat and put this wig on to come here today.”

VH1's web series Brunch With Tiffany sees Tiffany Pollard, reality television icon, sit down with other big personalities (mostly other reality TV alums) to “have brunch,” which may or may not happen because they don’t actually eat on camera. It’s like The Bachelor that way. As it happens, both these people are very fun and engaging to watch, and in this case they both seem just a little starstruck, and it is delightful. There are many highlights: eyelash discussion! Wig chat! But the real highlight has to be Trixie, who’s normally more of a drinker, asking Tiffany to be her weed mom.


The whole thing is worth watching if you like Trixie, Tiffany, or entertaining internet videos, but if you’re just here because you saw the word “weed” in the headline, we’ve cued this to the relevant section:

So, prior to the taping of this segment, Trixie took an edible at Dollywood and “flipped out,” and once smoked with Latrice Royale. (We’re learning so much about Trixie already!) Tiffany thinks that’s adorable and offers some advice about consumption and its possible, erm, side effects.


It’s fun. Watch it, sober or otherwise.

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