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Watch Tom Hanks shoot a cop in a new music video

Tom Hanks, without even spitting a verse, has already risen further in the rap game than underwhelming son and even worse rapper Chet Haze. The new video for Buckwheat Groats’ “Tom Hanks” features the Haze patriarch’s likeness from multiple movies unceremoniously plastered onto men shooting cops, stealing cars, and selling drugs (which are bad, but then again Tom Hanks is no stranger to doing bad things.) 

The video is patently ridiculous, as are the lyrics (”I eat so many fuckin’ shrimp/ I’m a VIP at Bubba Gump”), but the most exciting prospect of the entire endeavor is that it seems highly likely that we’ve amassed enough footage of Tom Hanks to successfully create a hologram after his sad but inevitable demise. And then we can make holo-Hanks rap. And it will still be better than Chet Haze.


The very NSFW video is embedded below.

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