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Watch Tina Fey adorably resurrect her Sarah Palin impersonation on Inside The Actors Studio

The gladiator arena of pretention and sycophancy that constitutes Inside The Actors Studio is eminently avoidable most of the time, but every once in a very long while, an object of host James Lipton’s effusive admiration will buck the trend and do something interesting. Just such a glorious anomaly occurred when Lipton asked guest Tina Fey, promoting her film Admission, if he could interview Sarah Palin, apparently unaware that Palin is a role Fey performed on Saturday Night Live and not, say, a demon living inside Fey’s body who only comes when effete basic-cable hosts ask to speak to her. The results aren’t quite as amusing as Fey’s turns as Palin on Saturday Night Live but several thousand times more entertaining that most of what appears on Inside The Actors Studio. With chemistry like this, how long until James Lipton and Tina Fey take this double act on the road?

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