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Watch Tim Heidecker’s AM pop-influenced video for “Work From Home”

When Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim finally appeared on Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast, Maron was convinced the two comedians were simply going to fuck with him. Rightfully so, as anyone who has enjoyed (or been turned off by) their Adult Swim show can attest that it’s hard to tell when Tim and Eric are being genuine. Later this year, Heidecker will release his first solo album of “somewhat earnest songs,” and the video for the album’s second single, “Work From Home,” just dropped today.

The new tune features terrific music that, with its subtle organ and soaring chorus, recalls the smooth sounds of ’70s AM pop easing its way out of the radio as you and your girl cruise down the shoreline to the hottest fondue/key party in town. While the music is certainly earnest, the lyrics split the difference. “Work From Home” has several lines that, while very funny, are actually quite honest about the perils of calling off work after a night of overdoing it: “So I’m gonna work from home/Call if you need me/I don’t think I’d be much use anyway/Yeah I’m gonna stay in bed/Stare at the ceiling/Wait for the sickness to just go away,” Heidecker sings.


The slightly sardonic undercurrent brings to mind Harry Nilsson and Warren Zevon, particularly when combined with the “yacht rock” leanings of the music. Adding to the ’70s comparisons, the single unbroken take of the video appears to be cribbed from the Paul Thomas Anderson/Boogie Nights playbook.

The album, In Glendale, hits shelves May 20 and is available for pre-order now.

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