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Watch Tig Notaro’s pilot for One Mississippi on Amazon for free

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It’s November, which means that soon, many people will find themselves spending 36 hours (or more) in transit to spend a single holiday and/or share a 4-hour meal with relatives. And they’ll grumble, or post irate (possibly fake) tweets about the ordeal. But even the horrors of Black Friday pale in comparison to heading home to take your mother off life support. That second thing is a misfortune that befell comedian Tig Notaro a few years ago, and it’s also the premise for her new Amazon series, One Mississippi.


One Mississippi sees Notaro head to her hometown after her stepdad, played by TV drama stalwart John Rothman, and her brother, Transparents Noah Harpster, all come to the decision that her mother should be removed from life support. The bleak circumstances make for even darker comedy which, let’s face it, is Notaro’s forte. The semi-autobiographical series got a pilot order over the summer, which Notaro co-wrote with Diablo Cody, and is producing through Louis C.K.’s Pig Newton production company. The pilot is currently streaming for free on Amazon (no Prime login needed), and will either make you grateful to see your own family in just a couple of weeks, or fill you with dread about seeing your family in just a couple of weeks.

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