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Watch “Thumbs N’ Roses” cover “Sweet Child O’ Mine”

Screenshot: YouTube

Here’s a video that’s equal parts weird, funny, and sonically pleasing (which is really all you can ask of the internet). On his YouTube channel Samuraiguitarist, musician Steve Onotera frequently posts odd musical challenges, like playing five guitars at once or creating a song using nothing but iPads. But this time around he decided to dress up his thumbs like members of Guns N’ Roses and film them playing “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” There’s no doubt it’s a weird concept for a video, but Onotera pulls it off with a cover that’s enjoyable even without the gimmick.

Dubbed “Thumbs N’ Roses,” Onotera’s digits make pretty decent stand-ins for Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagan, and Steven Adler. Each band member—er, thumb—gets a moment to shine, with a slide guitar standing in for Axl Rose’s vocal track. There’s a whole lot of attention to detail here; Thumb Slash even gets a teeny-tiny cigarette. And asked in the comments whether it’s hard to play guitar with one thumb in the air, Onotera notes, “Honestly the hardest part was getting their hair to look somewhat realistic.”


[via Laughing Squid]

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