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Watch Thomas Middleditch ham it up while eating wings

Screenshot: YouTube

If we here at The A.V. Club have professional jealousy about anything, it’s that we didn’t create Hot Ones, the great web series from food blog First We Feast. Each week, the site posts videos of famous people being interviewed while eating increasingly hot wings, a premise that’s so simple but so, so fruitful. While they’ve had tons of great guests on—appearances we’ve written about in the past—as far as we can remember, no one has really hammed it up as much as this week’s guest, Thomas Middleditch.

In the video above, the Silicon Valley star goes through his plate of seemingly vegetarian “wings” with a zip and flair those unfamiliar with his full catalog of work might be surprised by. He tears through his thoughts on performing on a cruise ship, the renaissance faire lifestyle, and pal Patrick “P. Stew” Stewart while mowing through some wings, really only breaking around minute 13, when he has a full heat breakdown while talking about Ruffles’ All-Dressed Chips. That’s when things really go haywire, as Middleditch resorts to dabbing milk inside his runny nose in an attempt to cool things down right before performing as his Joey Tortellini character. It doesn’t work, unfortunately, but it’s hilarious to see him try.


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