As winter melts away like a Breaking Bad character who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, audiences and critics begin to look ahead to summer television.  Breaking Bad has re-entered entertainment news as of late, and this week’s The Simpsons opening credits will pay homage to the show’s famous meth-production montage set to the 1969 groover “Crystal Blue Persuasion.” In the credits, Marge matter-of-factly bakes and dispatches blue cupcake batches while Homer skulks in a Heisenberg disguise, and there's a fun surprise at the end. (At least we think it's the opening credits—it's possible that it's just a commercial.) Check it out to satisfy any burgeoning Breaking Bad cravings, and then try to figure out who Lisa Simpson would be in the Breaking Bad universe. (Fring?) [h/t to L.A. Times]