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Watch this "Royals" parody that skewers ethnic-sidekick tropes

Representation of women in media (or the lack thereof) has been a bit more of a hot-button issue lately, thanks a couple of recent reports from organizations that study such things and more than a few choice thinkpieces from writers who study such reports. And Lorde’s “Royals” has finally taken the crown from “Blurred Lines” as the ubiquitous song people love to pick apart and explain. Actress and writer Tess Paras has seized upon this circumstance to create a pretty amusing yet astute parody video titled “Typecast” where she, Ayana Hampton, and Haneefah Wood examine the casting difficulties and dearth of parts for actresses of color. The trio attack such tropes as “oversexed Asian” and “sassy black chick” while still managing to carry off the tune. Good times. Let’s hope some casting agents take a look.

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