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Watch this pitch-perfect Pitch Perfect truther parody

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Here’s something to forward to that Facebook friend who lists “CEO at self-employed” as his work info and is constantly posting status updates about false flag operations and the dangers of fluoride. Denver-based comedy collective Cook St. Productions has assembled a Room 237-style video outlining a conspiracy theory explaining that the 2012 a cappella comedy Pitch Perfect is secretly about 9/11. Pitch Perfect 237 weaves in made-up palindromes, anagrams, Pat Sajak, and Harry Connick, Jr., and nails the specious reasoning and “dude, it’s all connected; don’t be a friggin’ sheeple for the frickin’ powers that be” tone of actual truther videos. All that’s missing are some references to the Bilderberg Group and crisis actors, which that one Facebook friend will probably supply in his own commentary when he shares the video with a straight face.

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