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Watch This: Perry Farrell defeats evil with the power of keytar in a bizarro sci-fi music video

Perry Farrell, having recently announced his intention to create a Giorgio Morodor-inspired EDM musical about Thailand’s sex and drug trade in Las Vegas, is now giving the public a taste of what that project might sound like. The Jane’s Addiction frontman and Lollapalooza impresario recently posted a music video called “Everybody,” and the retro-futurist electro romp, made in collaboration with French DJ Joachim Garraud, hints at Farrell’s new direction. That said, “Everybody” comes off as more upbeat and fun than it sounds like Farrell’s proposed “immersive” Vegas show will be. Presumably, the musical won’t feature cheap CGI robots or a pair of middle-aged men dressed like colorful post-atomic horror soldiers—but here’s hoping.


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