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X-Men: Days Of Future Past is currently tearing up the box office, so now seems as good a time as any for boundlessly enthusiastic British inventors to create devices based on the powers of mutants featured in the movie. As it happens, boundlessly enthusiastic British inventor Colin Furze has created a pair of magnetized shoes inspired by Magneto, the magnetic menace so often at odds with those meddling X-Men. The shoes don’t allow Furze to chuck aircraft carriers to and fro with nothing but an icy stare and a hand gesture, but they do allow him to walk on the ceiling, which is a start.

This isn’t the first time Furze has invented something inspired by the X-Men—he earlier created a pair of retractable claws capable of tearing apart cardboard, watermelon, and, one assumes, the necks of those who displease him. Furze is cycling through a series of inventions based on the X-Men, so stay tuned to watch him invent a face-mounted laser gun before dying spectacularly.

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