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As an online shopper, recycling cardboard boxes is probably the most annoying (but necessary) routines to engage in. You’ve got the joy of opening something you just bought from a multi-billion dollar corporation, but the onus is on you, the customer, to clean up its mess. You’re then met with a the big question: How the hell are you going to throw all of this excess material away? Sure, you can break down a box to the best of your ability, or you can make a giant replica of a monster-slashing sword that’ll really cause some concern among your neighbors. Decisions, decisions.

For avid anime fan and YouTuber Crafty Transformer, the choice is easy. If you happen to be kicking it around his neighborhood in Japan, you probably won’t see many overstuffed recycling bins in his driveway. You would probably see, however, a man who strapped a makeshift Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Disk to his wrist, decked out in Amazon logos like some eco-friendly billboard.

Crafty Transformer creates perforated DIY machinery out of Amazon packaging cardboard, cutting each piece precisely in line to glue and place, creating real sliding, moveable pieces of waste. The results are jaw-dropping, as his entire YouTube channel is full of various contraptions inspired by video games and anime, which he created out of an abundance of love, free time, and recyclable waste. He does it all with ease, showing off his techniques with supercut videos to the point it seems effortless. Just look at his working, clasping wrench mace from Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans. Or his great sword from Monster Hunter: World, which looks like a wildly annoying device that’s meant to disrupt walkways at local anime cons.

Who says playing with trash can’t be fun?

[Via The Awesomer]


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