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Watch this man almost get eaten by a bear and fear the fleeting nature of mortality

Screenshot: Dušan Vinžík/YouTube

Near-death experiences make you appreciate life more. When you gaze into the deep, gaping darkness beyond Death’s hood, you come to both fear and respect mortality, thus instilling a greater sense of appreciation for the small things. The dew dripping from a philodendron, the insistent whirr of a spinning bike wheel, or, oh god, the bear galloping out of the woods to crush your skull in its jaw.

Two bikers were recently cruising through a bike park in Slovakia, enjoying an otherwise peaceful afternoon when, with little fanfare, a brown bear came bounding after the lead biker. Thankfully, the biker was too fast for the beast, who was also too distracted to realize that another sack of flesh was just behind him.


The bear disappears into the woods and for some godforsaken reason the bikers stop to discuss the situation without, like, giving themselves some distance from the thing that just tried to kill them.

Regardless, YouTube exists so we don’t have to have near-death experiences. We can just watch others have them and come to appreciate life that much more. Please enjoy the rest of your day with a newfound, quiet sense of wonder.

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