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Watch this kitten try to ferociously attack its owner

Photo: Нина Дроздова (iStock)

Kittens are hilarious. They often believe they’re among the ferocious big cats, when in reality they’re just some of the cutest creatures on God’s green earth. So we’re not too surprised that this Twitter post by @_TakivaBreanna has gone a bit viral, as she captures her eight-week kitten lying in wait before attacking.


You can kind of map out the kitten’s unsuccessful thought process: She sees her owner getting ready to walk down the hallway, tries to hide behind a corner (too late!), and then goes in for the full-on attack, which amounts to a few ounces of adorable fluffiness that doesn’t even land. Maybe in a few months this feline will be a force to be reckoned with, but for now, let’s just watch the cute video again.

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