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Watch this kid freak the fuck out over a llama

Screenshot: YouTube

In today’s drive-through society, you can not only pick up food, dry-cleaning, or Walgreens prescriptions from your car: You can also drive right through a petting zoo, like the Jensen family recently did on a trip to the Tennessee Safari Park. New York reports that the Jensen parents, filming from the front seat, finally noticed that while their older son was happily feeding a camel from a feed bucket, his younger brother Trey was freaking the fuck out because a llama had burst through his window and stuck his whole greedy head into Trey’s bucket. It’s pretty funny, in a “I shouldn’t be laughing at this poor terrified kid, but man, that’s pretty funny” kind of way. But hey, since his parents are obviously laughing, why shouldn’t we?

Perhaps in an attempt to soothe the world after Trey’s traumatic experience, the Jensens shot another video, informing the kid that he’s now number one on Reddit, even though he obviously doesn’t know what Reddit is. But he’s fine. And he also thinks that video’s pretty funny, though the probability of his future classmates calling him anything but “the llama kid” from now until graduation are pretty slim.

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