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Watch this hero snatch somebody's phone from the air in the middle of a roller coaster

It’s for your own safety when theme parks tell you to “keep all arms and belongings inside the vehicle at all times,” but, still, an exception can be made for this guy who snatched an errant cellphone mid-ride at Spain’s PortAventura World amusement park. That shit could’ve hit someone in the face. 


In the caption for the above video, rider Samuel Kempf writes that “saw the person a few rows ahead drop their IPhone X.” You can glimpse the exact moment when Kempf sees the phone fly out of the person’s hands, which comes not long after the rollercoaster descends its first big hill. According to Gizmodo, the Shambhala rollercoaster he was riding can reach up to 80 miles per hour, which means his hand-eye coordination is impressive, to say the least. The coaster was the tallest and fastest in Europe until 2018, so it makes sense that the owner thought it went “adios” when it slipped from their grasp. He bought Kempf this video and, by extension, internet fame, as a thank you.

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