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Watch these naked melting freaks play some hot rock and roll music

Screenshot: Cool 3D World

In the grand field of intentionally “weird” YouTube channels, where videos of Poppy whispering exist alongside some kid chopping wood and saying “boys will be boys,” there exists a ruler: the short computer-animated videos of Cool 3D World. Combining ReBoot and video game glitches into a sort of vaporwave body horror dystopia, Cool 3D World started as a Vine and Tumblr full of demonic skinless grinning freaks before making the move to YouTube, where it has matured from “weird for weirdness’ sake” into something richer, funnier, and more focused. Its clips this year have been the most cohesive yet, as evidenced by this recent envisioning of the rock music of their cool world. It is, well, pretty cool:

To be honest, this isn’t that far off from an ‘80s blues-rock band playing your local rib competition, only here the band is indistinguishable from the meat. If that has not whetted your appetite for this particular brand of horror, why not go on their recent rollercoaster ride?

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