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Watch these kids rap about eating healthy, then decide to eat healthy forever

Screenshot: YouTube / Appetite For Change

The Minneapolis non-profit Appetite For Change recently released its first single, which is not something many non-profits do. Even more surprisingly, it is a hotter-than-hell drill track, featuring four sharply different emcees, a dope hook, and a lively video.

While each emcee acquits his- or herself well, the kid in the white hoodie gets the biggest drop, and destroys it with a sociopolitical contextualization of the need for fresh, non-processed food in his neighborhood. The general message: school food sucks, fast food sucks, drink tons of water (“I get it free from the sink!”) and get some fruit and vegetables in there (“Get that green / Broccoli”). The video skips from the cafeteria to the garden to the street, with the kids from the organization’s summer training program dancing, dabbing, fake-cooking like James Harden, and generally having a blast.


AFC plans to release the track on iTunes soon, where it will certainly be the healthiest track on the charts, because, no, Big Baby D.R.A.M.’s “Broccoli” does not count, grow up.

[via Vice]

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