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Watch the youth of today struggle to figure out how to work a Sony Walkman

As everyone knows, time moves on like an unrelenting river, unwilling to stop, rest, and make everyone feel less old. That’s especially evident when watching the “Kids React To” YouTube series, which gives kids ages 6 through 13 various “ancient” pieces of technology to try and figure out. Today, the series slapped a Sony Walkman portable audio cassette player into the kids’ shockingly non-decaying hands. The results are as befuddling as you’d expect. Some kids just poke at the small machine, unable or unwilling to acknowledge that a music player could exist without a touch screen. Other kids turn the thing over repeatedly in their hands, looking for an on-off switch or an option to choose from thousands of songs. Granted, these kids have grown up in the era of the iPod—or at least the CD player—so you can’t really blame them for not being able to figure out AM/FM radio options, or how a belt clip and play switch work, but, oof. This clip will make you—and everyone else you know—feel absolutely ancient. [via Laughing Squid]

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