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Screenshot: Netflix (YouTube)

We’re used to seeing Seth Meyers impart witticisms from behind a desk, but now the host is standing tall for his first-ever stand-up Netflix comedy special. Its title, Lobby Baby, is a reference to the time his wife delivered their second son in his building’s lobby—a moving tale he narrated last April.

In the trailer for Lobby Baby, Meyers introduces some kids to a new action figure, Stand-Up Seth—now with legs! According to Vulture, the special was filmed at Minneapolis’ Pantages Theatre and covers “family, fatherhood, and why you should never take your girlfriend to Paris for her birthday.”

The kids have no idea who Meyers is in this trailer and have no interest in his action figure but, if it helps, we’d gladly slot two-legged Stand-Up Seth in between Thor and Captain America. Hey, comedy is a superpower, too.


Lobby Baby drops on Netflix on November 5.

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