The voices cried out in protest, the Earth bucked and strained, and today the streets of SoHo are rid of The Heat!, Will Smith’s sort-of-mobile stately pleasure-dome, after the mayor’s office decreed that he should relocate it to a nearby parking lot. According to the New York Post, Smith “ain’t real happy” about the “inconvenience” of being forced to walk nearly a mile away whenever he wants to hold a conference with his staff, or use his marble-floored bathrooms, or simply run his fingers over the grooves in his Italian cherrywood cabinetry and murmur softly to himself, “I am legend, I am legend.”

Still, just yesterday he seemed to be taking the situation in stride, remarking to reporters that the entire controversy is “hilarious.” Of course, that was before a semi showed up to haul it off, which you can see in this video from TMZ. Particularly poignant: the sad sequence of Smith’s satellite dish being folded and put away, wilting like a trampled flower under the jealous scrutiny of the damnable rabble who relentlessly demand perfection from their Will Smith, while denying him the means with which he achieves it.