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Watch the Stranger Things band make a beer that hopefully doesn’t taste like the ’80s

Screenshot: Goose Island

Texas synth artists Survive make ’80s-inspired bleeps and bloops that evoke both the original compositions of John Carpenter and nostalgia for an era of sci-fi that never quite existed. After they were tapped to provide a soundtrack to Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things, it seemed the band had found the perfect home for its unique sound. The brewers at Goose Island, however, saw a greater purpose for Survive.

In a few weeks, the duo will be playing Chicago’s Pitchfork Music Festival. Every year, Goose Island collaborates with a band on the lineup to help create a special beer for the event. Performers like Twin Peaks and Chance The Rapper have worked with the brewery in years past. Now Survive has been recruited to help make GI5-5538, a “crimson ale inspired by grapefruit” that announces its alcohol by volume and international bitter units right in the title (5.5% ABV; 38 IBU).


Survive got to participate in the beer’s brewing in a decidedly unique way. Typically, brewers use mallets to clear the brewing grist bins of the grist that clings to the walls. This time around, they asked the band to fire up some robust, bass-heavy drones to clear the bins. Watch them give it a shot (and succeed!) below.

While alcohol and musicians have always maintained a chummy relationship, the rise of interest in beer culture is making more and more of an impact on pop culture. Remember when Boston sci-fi rockers The Lights Out released their latest album on a four-pack?

Anyways, be sure to raise a glass to Survive when they take the stage that Saturday. Without them, you’d be sucking down some serious grist.

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