Thom Wasluck—who records under the name Planning For Burial—was onto something with his gloom-steeped, 2010 debut, Leaving. Four years later, Planning For Burial’s second full-length, Desideratum, has arrived, and it dramatically focuses Wasluck’s lush, shivering vision of isolation and the ghostliness of memory. One of Desideratum’s most haunting tracks, “29 August 2012,” hints at whole dimensions of regret, all concealed behind a shoegaze shroud that splits the difference between Joy Division’s frigid echoes and Deafheaven’s fog of melody while retaining the raw-boned, home-recorded aesthetic established on Leaving. And on the video for “29 August 2012”—which is being debuted here—a distorted flicker of images provides the perfectly blurred backdrop to Wasluck’s spectral meditation.

Desideratum is available now via The Flenser.

Planning For Burial tour 2014

June 12—Europa—Brooklyn, New York

June 13—The House With No Name—Columbus, Ohio

June 14—Record Breakers—Chicago, Illinois

June 15—Hexagon Bar—Minneapolis, Minnesota

June 16—Sisters Of Sound Records—Manhattan, Kansas

June 17—Sidewinder Tavern—Denver, Colorado

June 18—Diabolical Records—Salt Lake City, Utah

June 19—Bouquet—Boise, Idaho

June 20—Boreal—Eugene, Oregon

June 21—Slabtown—Portland, Oregon (early show)

June 21—Optimist House—Portland, Oregon (evening show)

June 23—Elbo Room—San Francisco, California

June 24—Bridgetown DIY—La Puente, California

June 25—51 West—Tempe, Arizona

June 26—Hub—Belen, New Mexico

June 27—Taqueria Pediritos—Dallas, Texas

June 28—Sect One—Austin, Texas

June 29—TBA—New Orleans, Louisiana

June 30—Spring Street Firehouse—Birmingham, Alabama

July 1—Skanktuary—Asheville, North Carolina

July 2—Metro Gallery—Baltimore, Maryland

July 3—Guide To Kulchur—Cleveland, Ohio

July 4—TBA—Buffalo, New York

July 5—Seminary—Binghamton, New York

July 6—O’Brien’s—Boston, Massachusetts

July 7—Grand Victory—Brooklyn, New York