Screenshot:The Careful Massacre Of The Bourgeoisie

We’re in a golden age of web extras for TV shows. After getting to dive into Veep’s official website for the in-show documentary Kissing Your Sister, we now are able to watch nearly nine minutes of the horror movie Elliot (Rami Malek) and Darlene (Carly Chaikin) view in a flashback at the beginning of last week’s episode of Mr. Robot. The fictional film, called The Careful Massacre Of The Bourgeoisie, is a slasher flick from 1984, which Darlene calls “the root” of her and her brothers’ “psychological dysfunction.” (Any dedicated Mr. Robot viewer knows that means a lot.) It’s available to view at this link, in all of its grainy, VHS glory. Funnily enough, the film was produced by the very company Elliot and Darlene endeavor to take down. At the beginning, the logo for E Corp Home Entertainment flashes. Spooky.

The Careful Massacre concerns a bunch of rich kids who get picked off by a man in a familiar mask. Yes, it’s the same one the siblings adopt for Fsociety. “I mean, clearly what the film is doing is debunking the notion that American society is classless,” Darlene says as they watch. “Meritocracy my ass. Long live the oligarchy.” Later that night, Elliot, wearing the mask and the Mr. Robot jacket, explains his plans for rebellion.


[via Slate]