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Watch the Saved By The Bell, Simpsons intros meticulously remade in Animal Crossing

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Screenshot: Great-Bit Arcade

Incredibly, the Saved By The Bell reboot has turned out well, managing to bring a new generation of Bayside High students into 2020 without losing the original’s dopey charm along the way. But that’s nü-Saved By The Bell, and what we’re interested in here is the older version’s intro, one of the many TV show credit sequences recreated by Great-Bit Arcade using the building tools and wide-eyed doll-humans of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The video—a meticulous remake of the Saved By The Bell intro that translates everything from the show’s neon clip art and character introduction screens through Animal Crossing’s tools—must have taken a horrifying amount of time to get right. And yet, it’s only one of the many, many TV show intros the channel has made.

There’s The Simpsons, of course, which is spot-on aside from Marge’s weirdly stylish new ‘do, and The Golden Girls’ theme made with newly fresh-faced cartoon seniors.

There are also plenty of other intros, from Ducktales to South Park and Family Guy.

The channel extends far enough even to cover fictional sitcoms, giving us a (still eerie) cartoon update to Too Many Cooks—called, naturally, Too Many Nooks.

After seeing Joe Biden’s Animal Crossing campaign merch, Sylvan Esso’s Animal Crossing music video, Animal Crossing-connected buttplugs, and Animal Crossing Toto covers, we didn’t really need any more convincing that the Nintendo game had become a platform unto itself. But, for anyone who did, well, peruse the full line-up of Great-Bit Arcade’s TV show intros and know it won’t be long before we start getting full-scale sitcom episodes remade with the game’s stubby humans and animal people.


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