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It’s a fine time to be in the Friends nostalgia business. That’s perhaps especially true if you’re Scott Bradlee and Postmodern Jukebox, and thus already up to your eyes in nostalgia.


Behold, a fun little one-shot video that even those amongst us growing weary of the sentimental nods to the fine folk of Central Perk can enjoy—particularly around the time that PMJ enters the ’90s, and The Rembrandts walk on stage.

PMJ’s videos typically stick to one decade or genre in terms of the musical setting, popping “Bad Romance” in the ’20s or doing a Motown-style take on “Shake It Off.” This seems like a natural evolution (heh), allowing them to call on their deep bench of talent to take one familiar song and leap from era to era with ease. But they don’t often enter the ’80s, and nor do they usually have the people who wrote the song along for the ride. It’s fun.


Apparently the people wanted more:

If instead of wishing for a cover of “Smelly Cat,” this video instead made you want to watch more one-take videos of some complexity, there’s also this one, which isn’t live but is pretty technically impressive.

That’s it for today’s Friends nostalgia digest. We’ll be here always, while the rains fall in Wales.


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