In a perfect world, Jimmy Pardo, the lightning-fast, endlessly clever “podfather” and host of Never Not Funny would have at least as many shows on the air as Chelsea Handler. In this imperfect world, however, Pardo’s Comedy Central pilot was not picked up but the enterprising comedian is nevertheless branching out with “Write Now!” the web version of his long-running live event The Writer’s Room. The new webseries represents the latest addition to Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist Youtube empire. The premise for “Write Now!” finds ace ad-libber Pardo presenting a performance by a stand-up comedian, in this case Conan writer Josh Comers, whose act is then relentlessly mocked by a panel of professional comedy writers: Ed Lee, Laurie Kilmartin and Frank Sebastiano. It’s a next-level online roast and a fantastic showcase for its host’s quick wit.