Watch the opening number from last night’s Tony Awards, featuring Bryan Cranston having to pee

Screenshot: Tony Awards Opening Number (YouTube)

Last night, host James Corden kicked off the annual Tony Awards ceremony as you might expect: By singing a song about the magic of theater. Specifically, Corden’s song-and-dance routine made the case that a night on Broadway is far more interesting than anything streaming on your cable box at home because theater is by definition live and, thus, unpredictable. It’s fitting, then, that just as the show was about to kick into gear, Corden was interrupted by Bryan Cranston as the actor rose from his seat to use the bathroom.

“Now? I mean, the show literally just started. We’re in the middle of the opening number,” Corden pleaded. Cranston, however, made it clear that this was an emergency and, after being pestered a few more times for his rudeness, erupted at the host saying, “I’m bloated as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore!” before storming off down the aisle. This was, of course, a reference to Cranston’s role in the Broadway production of Network, for which he would win a Tony later that night.

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With their little audience participation bit out of the way, Corden returned to singing his big number with a little help from a few dozen back-up dancers. Eagle-eyed viewers will see Bryan Cranston successfully made it back to his seat before the end of the song. Or, perhaps, he never even went to the bathroom at all. Oh, the magic of theater!

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