Fox's Animation Domination High Def is rapidly filling the space between the clever, succinct cinematic parodies of The Critic and the pop-culture-damaged free-form weirdness of Adult Swim. ADHD is currently pumping out web videos, but will be making proper programming for Fox this summer. The group previously gave the world such Great Job, Internet favorites as “A Charlie Brown Christmas Reunion” (which ingeniously mashed up Charlie Brown with everyone’s favorite contemporary sad-sack, Louis C.K) and the stomach-churningly educational “Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man," and now presents “Jurassic Park: Really Clever Girl,” a cheeky parody of Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster that ratchets up the super-intelligent dinosaurs’ cleverness to comic extremes and lasts less than a minute. So, if nothing else, it has brevity on its side, and in the film's 3D release, a fresh reason to make Jurassic Park jokes that might otherwise feel positively prehistoric (we apologize for the wordplay and will see ourselves out).