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Watch the Mad Max: Fury Road trailer redone in grindhouse ’80s style

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Mad Max: Fury Road continues to resonate with fans across the world who find much within to inspire memes, mash-ups, and even guerrilla Amazon commenting. The latest iteration of fans’ love for the film is this trailer re-done to more closely resemble a post-apocalyptic film from the late ’70s or ’80s. Opening with the old Warner Bros. logo then the beloved Cannon Group’s logo, the synth kicks into high gear (the song is “Vengeance” by Power Glove, for those interested) as the original voiceover from the first Mad Max trailer is used.


Created by the Playback Collective, the trailer then uses lots of grainy footage from the film along with de-saturated and wrongly colored film stock. The effect is that Fury Road ends up looking closer to one of the Italian Mad Max knockoffs than an actual extension of the series proper. It’s reminiscent of trailers for films like Exterminators Of The Year 3000 or The New Barbarians in its exploitative charm and shoddy appearance. It’s another example of all the ways that Fury Road has inspired various people to filter a film they love through a different lens and come up with something at once familiar yet altogether new.

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