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Watch The Lonely Island, Adam Levine, and Kendrick Lamar take on “YOLO”

The Lonely Island’s digital shorts and comedic songs were the best part of Saturday Night Live for many, many years. Andy Samberg has left the show, but he and Lonely Island co-conspirators Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer returned alongside Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar (who you might recognize as the host and musical guest of last week’s episode) to deliver “YOLO,” a hilarious deconstruction of the popular, asinine catchphrase (short for “You Only Live Once”) popularized by Drake on his song “The Motto.”

To Drake and various idiots yelling “YOLO” in his honor, YOLO is the ultimate inducement to throw caution to the wind and live exuberantly in the moment, with no consideration of tomorrow or the future. “YOLO” flips this concept on its head by transforming it into a worrier’s anthem about the foolishness and short-sightedness of not adequately preparing for what could be a very long future in ways both practical (don’t listen to loud music because it might hurt your ears, stay away from drugs because they’re illegal) and surreal (bury all your money in your back yard like a beagle). The song is capped off by a guest rap from Kendrick Lamar doling out some exceedingly sound fiduciary counsel. Check it out and, for the love of God, prepare for the future. You never know how long it might last or what it might hold.

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