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Watch the first two episodes of Prince Paul's late-night talk show webseries

Legendary producer and DJ Prince Paul can now add talk show host to his resume. Paul hosts The Scion A/V All Purpose Show, a new webseries in the late-night talk show format focused on hip-hop and a sequel of sorts to Musician Impossible, a road trip show also hosted by Paul.

The All Purpose Show lives up to its name, featuring interviews with talent ranging from rappers ASAP Rocky, Too Short, and Kitty Pryde to producer Harry Fraud. Paul gets assists in-studio from sidekicks The Ill Out Crew, who participate in interviews and do their own remote bits. There are also more than a few tie-ins to other Scion A/V material, including a Scion music conference and art show, as well as extended interviews with artists and free downloads. Check out the first two episodes of the All Purpose Show.

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