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Watch the first episode of the Inspector Spacetime webseries that can’t legally call itself Inspector Spacetime

Giving hope to those dreading Community’s brave, new, Dan Harmon-less world, the first episode of the previously announced Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time proves you don’t need Harmon (or the licensing rights to intellectual property owned by Sony Pictures) to create enjoyable Community-related content. There’s plenty of exposition to get out of the way—as if the unoccupied minds of honorary Greendale Human Beings hadn’t already built enough backstory for The Inspector—but the first installment of the Inspector Spacetime that’s not Inspector Spacetime gets viewers acquainted with associate Piper Tate (sorry, Constable Reggie fans) while also introducing The Inspector’s  “Integrate!”-spouting nemeses, the Circuit Chaps. And if you’re one of the 643 backers who helped make this silly, tossed-off gag a slightly-less-silly, legitimate web series, stick around to catch your name in the credits—following a tip of the Photonic Bowler Hat to The A.V. Club, of course. To quote the audience-congratulating tag for the fake TV series’ fake broadcaster, British Television, “well done.”

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