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The Academy Awards are tonight, and while that’s surely the most prestigious of Hollywood’s honors, they’re far from the most fun. In fact, the Oscars won’t even be the most fun awards show this weekend, as last night’s Film Independent Spirit Awards seem like they were a total blast. We already heard about the winners and Adam Sandler’s big speech, but we would be remiss if we neglected to bring up the Gay Men’s Choir Of Los Angeles’ amazing tribute to the best LGBTQ movie moments in the past year. The song starts off pretty fun, but then… well, just watch the video, then come back.

So yeah, the whole thing crescendoes into an overall salute to Laura Dern, and we don’t just mean Laura Dern’s recent film work. It’s just Laura Dern in general. That’s a fun gag, but the best part is Laura Dern clearly having the time of her life in the audience as it becomes obvious that the song is literally just about her. It’s a lot of fun, and a tragic reminder of just how hard it will be for the Oscars to do anything nearly as entertaining. Maybe they could just show this clip?


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