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The grand tragedy of the Rob Ford crack cocaine scandal and associated public relations follies—outside of Toronto, where it’s an actual political disaster—is that Chris Farley isn’t around to play the mayor on Saturday Night Live. Sure, Bobby Moynihan acquitted himself well in the cold open last weekend, but in a news cycle that had both the Ford media circus and the Richie Incognito bullying scandal in the NFL, Chris Farley has been sorely missed. But no more, since there’s now a video mash-up of all the best Rob Ford moments caught on camera—swearing up a storm, arm wrestling Hulk Hogan, running into a camera—mixed with the equivalent Farley film clip or performance on SNL. It is simply uncanny how perfectly Ford resembles the late beloved physical comedian, and since we only get to imagine what would've been one of the best hosting gigs in the past 15 years of the show, at least we get this two-minute highlight reel.

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