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“Watch” the entirety of Star Wars: A New Hope in one massive, beautiful infographic

Infographics: Love them or hate them, they’re every budding graphic designer’s favorite way to turn nine data points and a bar graph into potential viral online fodder. Still, every now and again, you find one that takes an interesting set of data—like, say, every single moment from one of your favorite sci-fi blockbusters—and transforms it into something that’s both beautiful and concise.

Or beautiful and not-so-concise, in the case of illustrator Martin Panchaud, who recently transformed Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope into SWANH, a very long infographic capturing everything that happens in the movie. As in, all of it. Every dogfight, every Princess Leia putdown, every glimpse of Tatooine’s twin suns: they’re all here, rendered in the same clean, top-down style you might see decorating a map of every state’s favorite spoiler from Game Of Thrones, or whatever it is that USA Today’s passing around this week


It’s a massive accomplishment, even if we have to question Panchaud’s choice to use scenes from the Special Editions in the piece. (But hey, at least Han shoots first!) Complete with pop-outs of interesting objects like the movie’s lightsabers or guns—and a take on the film’s famed Death Star trench run that actually manages to capture some of the tension and grandeur of George Lucas’ 1977 opus—it’s a gorgeous tribute to a movie that continues to inspire new (and bizarre) ways to view it, nearly 40 years after its release.

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