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Watch the congressman who revived Trumpcare get yelled at for 5 hours

Photo: DOMINICK REUTER/Getty Images

Way back in last week, the thing we were all terrified and angry about was the Republican healthcare bill, which essentially tries to fix the problems of Obamacare by making them worse and adding some new ones, then having a Bud Light about it (or not). Since then, of course, the unreal Manchurian Candidate fears of the country have come to seem increasingly well-founded by the president’s firing of FBI director James Comey, not to mention his increasingly absurdist claims about why exactly he did that.

As some brave Republican representatives hold town halls to face the constituents they are actively deceiving and attempting to slowly murder via healthcare regulations—which is sort of commendable, given that many Republican reps didn’t even hold town halls—they are getting a damn earful. New Jersey representative Tom MacArthur held one such town hall on Wednesday, and it dragged on for five hours as people railed against him. He is a uniquely fitting subject for scorn, as he is the namesake of the so-called MacArthur amendment, which revived the previously failed bill by, among other things, discriminating against people with “preexisting conditions” and making numerous other concessions to the Freedom Caucus in order to better unite the fractured, apocalyptic, ideology-free Republican party.


To MacArthur’s credit, he remained civil throughout the entire town hall, and at least he showed up to listen to his constituents. To his discredit, look at the fucking healthcare bill he just helped pass! Any video of people telling their representatives that they aren’t representing them is a good one.

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