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Watch the Breaking Bad cast read some comments about the El Camino trailer

Well, it’s Wednesday. Ye olde hump day. The existential mid-life crisis of weekdays. In keeping with that unenthusiastic spirit, Netflix has released a promotional video for El Camino, which can only be described as “lowest common denominator marketing executed by an intern under vague duress.” Netflix rounded up a bunch of cast members from the Breaking Bad universe, stuck them in the show’s iconic RV (or a reasonable facsimile), and had them read some mediocre comments about the trailer for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (the title is how you know it’s a sequel to Breaking Bad! Genius!).

These are not your late night Mean Tweets, mind you. Some of them aren’t even tweets. They’re more like Nice Comments with a tepid edge, like this one, read by Aaron Paul: “I have to be honest, nothing in my life currently makes me more happy or excited than this... And I’m getting married next week.” Or this comment, which is more like an extremely uninteresting overshare: “Never seen Breaking Bad, lived under a rock majority of my life, starting right now,” okay hand sign emoji, laughing with bead of sweat on forehead emoji.

We’re not saying the person whose job it was to round up these reaction comments should be fired, or that the person who came up with this very bland yet oddly cringe-inducing marketing “stunt” should lose their job, either... but we’re not not saying that.


El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, coming to a Netflix near you on October 11!

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