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Illustration for article titled Watchi The A.V. Club/i’s Seattle-themed supercut from Bumbershoot

As you may recall, last weekend The A.V. Club was plucked out of our humdrum lives and whisked off to Seattle by a mysterious, sexy young millionaire who gave us a ride in his helicopter and seemed really concerned about whether we were getting enough to eat. Actually, that last part didn’t happen. But we did go to Seattle, where we did a special Bumbershoot edition of our A.V. Club Live! show.


Kicking off the show was a Seattle-themed supercut made by The Onion video editor Nick Moore, a.k.a. Everything Is Terrible’s! Defenestrator III. Featuring such iconic works of Seattle cinema as Singles, Sleepless In Seattle, and Agent Cody Banks, the video builds to a musical montage with some of the most beloved bands to come out of Seattle’s storied music scene (plus Macklemore). It also ends with a Simpsons reference, because this is The A.V. Club. We thought it was too good not to share with you all, so enjoy.

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