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Watch T-Pain have a sloppy lightsaber fight in downtown New York City

Photo: Timothy Hiatt (Getty Images)

You never know what you’re going to come across on a day in New York City. Something you may not have expected? A lightsaber fight. And not just any duel, but one that involves world-famous auto-tune rapper T-Pain (who, it should be noted, is a magnificent singer). The now-viral video starts off with a seemingly heated argument that turns into a brawl. The crowd sounds concerned, but it’s only a few moments before lightsabers enter the fray, thus turning the tables towards the absurd.


The finesse with which T-Pain catches the saber tossed to him and then whips it out is impressive—he’s a Jedi master fending off a pair of Padawans from the looks of it. Possibly the best part, though, is when he’s taking the man’s shoes off one by one. The best way to stick it to an opponent, apparently, is to make them walk in socks on wet ground.

There isn’t any explanation whatsoever about why they did this, other than the obvious fun it must have been. On Instagram, the original poster of the video tagged the other men in the scene: @sayohla, @bodegabamz, and @kenstarrrz. It’s safe to say, then, they all know each other and decided they wanted to stage this epic duel. Guy has other lightsaber-related content on his accounts, too, one of which got the attention of the one and only Mark Hamill.

The last gem that came out of this situation is an edit posted in the replies that adds in real lightsaber effects and sounds to the video. Add in “Duel of The Fates” and it truly is worthy of a chef’s kiss.


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