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Illustration for article titled Watch Sufjan Stevens be weird in an effort to promote his new Christmas album

Fresh off the release of his massive Christmas box set, Silver And Gold, Sufjan Stevens has decided to promote the album through a seven-part collection of bizarre videos on YouTube. Teaming up with friends and collaborators like Rosie Thomas, Jeff Shoop, and Deborah Johnson, Stevens' "Friendship Slay Ride" begins with a goofy infomercial for the box set and touts yuletide favorites like "Christmas Pimple," "Santa Has Diabetes," and "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like End Times." Unfortunately, those songs do not appear on the actual album.

The next video in the series is Betwixt Two Furs, a pretty great reference to Zach Galifianakis's hilarious web-series Between Two Ferns, and features Ricky Belvoir—Thomas' alter ego—attempting to interview Stevens but failing to even come close to pronouncing his name right (Suffragette City? Seven Swanson? Sudgefan Stuhvan?).

Watch the ridiculous series in its entirety on Pitchfork.


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