Colbert Report fans who’ve been worried that the move to network late night would dull Stephen Colbert’s finely honed satirical edge have gotten a lot of reassuring news lately. First, there was the video he released two weeks ago, excoriating legitimate presidential candidate Donald Trump in classic Report fashion, by agreeing with every one of the real estate mogul’s well-thought out presidential points. Now, Colbert has released a video taking on the dissenting opinions in yesterday’s landmark marriage equality case, in a segment that wouldn’t have looked or sounded out of place from the desk of his old show.

Not wholly surprisingly, Colbert spends most of his time in the video discussing Justice Antonin Scalia’s vitriolic minority opinion, covering many of the justice’s more poetic turns of phrase. We won’t spoil all of the video’s jokesand there are a lot of themin the text of this article, but suffice it to say, if Colbert continues to deploy his beautiful Frankenstein impression, or refer to potential guest’s faces as “a flesh-toned cinch-sack,” when The Late Show With Stephen Colbert debuts on September 8, it’s going to be off to a pretty exciting, politically active start.