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Watch Stephen Colbert and Bob Odenkirk do bad impressions of each other

Screenshot: The Late Show/YouTube

Although Stephen Colbert hasn’t been worn down by The Late Show grind yet—those surging ratings can’t hurt—he seems pretty open to changes in the format. Take last night, where he was briefly replaced as host by Bob Odenkirk.

Okay, so Odenkirk and Colbert aren’t actually changing careers. The Better Call Saul actor, who’s promoting his new film Girlfriend’s Day, was also stumping for a (fictional) movie about The Late Show. He helpfully brought a clip, which sees him grumpily assuming Colbert’s duties and completely warping his persona. (“Clap, you pigs!” is probably something Colbert only says in his dressing room.)


But in an inspired bit of quid pro quo, Colbert then appears as Odenkirk in a separate clip, which just kicks off an Inception-like spiral of bad impressions and even worse wigs. If you do have trouble separating the two, just remember: “Stephen Colbert, black hair.”

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