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Watch Statler and Waldorf roast the Third Reich via Inglourious Basterds

If there’s one thing Inglourious Basterds needed more of, it’s comedy podcast-style riffing on the fantasized events of the movie-theater massacre that takes out the Third Reich at the end of the film. And who better to offer commentary from a theater balcony than Statler and Waldorf, resident zinger experts on The Muppet Show?

After a Redditor posed the question of which Muppet would have the best chance of assassinating Hitler (our money is still on Beaker), a documentary editor took some clips of Statler and Waldof, cutting them into the climactic movie theater scene, so now Mélanie Laurent’s maniacal revenge laughter and burning Nazi flags are interspersed with the Muppet geezers flinging puns. It creates some incredibly morbid humor, but still oddly fascinating.

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