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Watch Sophie Turner and Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness squee over each other at the VMAs

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage (Getty Images)

You would think that when two celestial beings like Game Of Thrones Sophie Turner and Queer Eyes Jonathan Van Ness finally enter each others’ orbit, all that gorgeousness would just cancel itself out. The pop-culture gods who walk among us recognized each other instantly, resulting in some screaming and JVN (of course!) almost immediately bursting into tears. Seeing as he’s the host of the Emmy-nominated parody recap Gay Of Thrones, we can’t really blame him. Brett S. Vergara posted the frantic, effusive Entertainment Tonight clip on Twitter:


As big a Thrones fan as he is, though, he doesn’t hesitate to get real about that ending. “Yours was the only one I could stomach,” he whispers, which prompts her to slowly, perhaps cautiously echo the statement back at him.  

The meeting then turns into a contest as to who can say “I love you” the most to this person they just met. Then Turner calls over her newlywed husband Joe Jonas, and the universe implodes from having so much beauty in such a small circle. But honestly, it’s nice to see that celebrities (just like us!) get excited enough to squee over a fellow celebrity, be it a Dark Phoenix or a Bride Of Grooming. We agree with Van Ness’ pal Michelle Kwan, who commented on InstaGram: “This is all happening how it’s supposed to be.”

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