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Watch some lunatics get tanked while trying to recite The Phantom Menace from memory

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The Star Wars franchise is filled with so many quotable lines that even the most casual fan can quote a few. More committed fanatics might be able to name every third-tier character and regurgitate every plot point, but very few can say they’d feel confident reciting an entire movie from memory—especially if that movie is one of the more maligned prequels. This week, however, two brave Star Wars nerds attempted the impossible and subsequently created the most elaborate drinking game in history.

Our two players—who are both likely in need of a liver transplant—are Rahul Kohli, an actor and streamer you may recognize from iZombie, and fellow streamer Jacob Fullerton. They’re hosted on Twitch by their friend Bruce Greene who reads the opening crawl and stage directions and is also responsible for telling them when they screwed up and have to drink. Things start strong with Kohil and Fullerton trading lines as Jedi Knights Qui-Gon Jin and Obi-Wan Kenobi, but as the movie drags on and the shots of vodka start to add up, their memories become a little foggier.

However, they can’t really be blamed for not remembering some lines. Whatever Chancellor Valorum says in the fourth or fifth scene about trade negotiations on Naboo is far from memorable. In fact, most people’s entire recollection of Phantom Menace can be summarized as, “Jar Jar Binks bad…something, something…pod race…something, Darth Maul,” so these guys should be commended for their efforts. Though, for the sake of their bodies, we’d recommend they don’t try to complete the prequel trilogy until they’ve detoxed for a bit.


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