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Watch SNL hosts screw up, curse like sailors in this blooper reel

Seeing performers break on SNL can be fun, assuming it’s not just Jimmy Fallon ruining every sketch he’s in. It shows that, despite all the glitz and glamor, these professional comedians are still having fun. It’s also a reminder that the show is actually live. But if you thought SNL cast members broke a lot during the live sketches, you should see what it’s like during the taped segments, where minor flubbed lines aren’t played off so quickly.

Jessica Chastain, Ryan Gosling, Kevin Hart, and a number of other Season 43 hosts all make appearances in this four-minute blooper reel that comes to us courtesy of the SNL digital shorts department. While most of the screw-ups are a result of cast members and hosts cracking themselves up or tripping over a tongue-twister, the real highlight is seeing Charles Barkley curse like a sailor each time he messes up a line. There’s just something special about watching an ex-NBA star scream “Fuck!” while dressed as a Jedi in a cut-for-time Star Wars sketch.

Hopefully, the SNL team will make the release of these outtake reels a regular thing, because we could watch Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant bust each other up for days.


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