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Watch Sky Ferreira wear lingerie, gyrate atop a coin-operated horse in her new, very NSFW music video

Very serious artist Sky Ferreira has released a new music video, not that anyone at work, in a coffee shop, or within eyeshot of his parents should watch it. The clip is for the title track off Ferreira’s new album, Night Time, My Time, and features the 21-year-old singer sporting dark eye circles, awkwardly cut wigs, and very minimal lingerie. As if that weren’t enough, at various points in the video, Ferreira touches herself while lying on a bed, suggestively rides a coin-operated pony, and does all sorts of “sexy” gyrating. It’s pretty NSFW, to say the least, but should once again serve as a reminder to the music industry that, just because she once released a pop record called As If!, it doesn’t mean that Ferreira is anything but a serious (and semi-naked) artist.

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